Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I love sushi, and have always loved sushi. However, a couple years ago, on a trip to Japan, I realized how much better real sushi from Japan actually is. I recently took these pictures of sushi on a trip to Hokkaido in Japan. This was just some sushi restaurant that we happened to walk by. However, it was amazing. I'm going through sushi withdrawal right now since it's basically impossible to get sushi of this calibre anywhere but in Japan.

This toro sashimi was so good. It basically melted in your mouth.

Sashimi on top of rice. I didn't have any of this but I really liked the way they plated the dish.

Nigiri sushi set that I ordered. Not quite sure what all the fish were, but they were all delicious!

Close up of my two favorite sushi's from the set I ordered, uni sushi on the left, which is sea urchin, and ikura on the right, salmon roe. I normally did not like ikura, because usually it tastes way too fishy for me. However, I became big big fan of the ikura I had in Hokkaido. They're like little balls of ocean goodness which pop in your mouth.

Finally, this is one sushi dish that you can only get on Hokkaido, even in Japan. It's an Uni Don, which is Uni on top of rice. It's very decadent but so so good. The flavors of the uni were so creamy and it worked perfectly with the warm rice underneath it. I had it multiple times on this trip and it never got old.


  1. Not going to say I'm an expert on sushi from LA, but from what I've had, the sushi doesn't come close to sushi I've had from Japan.